The best ending to any story is a snapshot of a new beginning. The feeling that even though this journey has ended, the story goes on forever.

This post starts by looking at the structure of how some of the greatest stories are put together. I then move to a more personal excerpt of my life and how it felt like the same anatomy of how my favorite fictional tales are arraigned.

An impactful chronicle brings us to a moment where hope is the key ingredient that will fuel us to continue on. It begins when all seems content, and then steals away the righteousness we thought we observed. It twists and tightens our emotions, leaving only a guess of any kind of happy outcome.  They pull our dreams back as far as possible, like a slingshot about to snap. I like to refer to this as the “edge of our endearment”. Ensuingly, with a surprisingly clever event, the sling is released. Our emotions shoot out further than we could have imagined. The further back our aspiration is pulled, the greater distance our elation takes us.  This moment of truth is powerful and credible,  dropping our jaws and widening our eyes. It connects events or facts previously planted in our minds, and we can almost feel the electricity in our brain connecting it all together. It illustrates that some of the greatest moments we can feel are right after we are on the “edge of our endearment”. When we think all is lost, and then in an instant, all is found. Let the passage thrash our emotions back and forth like a ship being pitched and rolled through a storm. This gives the story life, when it can touch an accumulation of our senses. I believe that great stories achieve prosperity as long as resolution is found and common sense is met. If sacrifice is necessary, let it be to save the world.


Although I believe that a good story doesn’t give us too much detail in the ending. The climax should be a very close neighbor of the conclusion. Some stories try to hold our hand and reassure us beyond whats needed. The best ones, in my opinion, let us use our imagination. They guide us toward resolution but let us reach there on our own accord. A soft nudge in the right direction, and letting us adjust the sails to wherever the wind will takes us. The turning point is where our emotion is cracked open and poured out. When we reflect on the adventure, it’s important that we associate that inspirational feeling with our experience. Picture the ship gliding away from you into the sunset on unbroken waters, right after enduring the worst of monsoons. That is my favorite type of ending.

A memorable adventure is just a branch of a much larger story. Each quest is it’s own separate entity. At the end of each story, I like to wonder where the adventure goes to next. I believe that there must always be a larger purpose for us to pursue. Give us a chance to chase our curiosity and fantasize new circumstances. Tales with unanswered questions give them more magnitude.

As we learn from a good story, we also learn in the same way as from our own life experiences. If we look back, any turning point we reach in our lives is structured and cultivated the same way. Each moment builds our personality. We are all dynamic characters of our own novel. The key is not changing, but persisting after we change, assuming we change for the better.

Let’s just say I had a generally normal, cliche life for a kid growing up. I always went with the flow, adapting to things as they came to me. In college, a friend and I found ourselves waiting outside of a bar for our ride home. The next thing I can remember is laying flat on the ground, my back to the pavement, looking down at my clothes and shoes covered in blood. There was no thoughts at this point; no analysis of how I got to this moment. Only unanswered questions. From my friend’s recollection, I was jumped by five or six guys in the parking lot. He tried to help, but he was outnumbered and they stopped him as they pummeled me on the ground. The paramedics had told my friend that it didn’t look good for me, and to get my family on the phone.


The reason for why this happened remains a mystery. Although these are the types of unanswered questions that will simply never be answered. The delinquents would never be found, and I would have wasted time and stress trying to figure it all out. I had never had been in a fight or had an experience this fierce before. While in the hospital, seeing the concern and pain in the eyes of the people who loved me most made me feel like they were going through so much more than I was. From my perspective, I had simply got into a tussle outside of a bar and came out on the bad end of things.

Family and friends came to see me, each visit like a chapter in a book. Each one made me understand what I was meant to learn from this. Not just to feel lucky to be alive, but lucky to have such inspirational support around me. My character evolved with every person I saw, each one unique in their own powerful way. When I was told how close to death I had been, it really hit me. Through all the medication the hospital was pumping through my veins, I felt something that no painkiller could suppress. The feeling of purpose, combined with a feeling of guilt for taking my life for granted for so long. I survived this for a reason. This was my turning point, my second chance at life.

I spent several weeks in the ICU, recovering from a broken jaw, cracked skull, and contusions of the brain. I was unable to walk during the first couple of weeks, it made me nauseous just to stand up straight. I could only eat soft foods and liquids. My body became skeletal and frail. I was the weakest I had ever felt before. Although, my spirit felt more robust than before. Every moment of my life was more significant then I had ever imagined it to be. I was driven to make sure I did everything the right way from then on. I made a pact to always be honest with myself, and to never take any gift that this world gives us for granted. No more taking life as it came, but gaining control of it myself.

In life, it is simply impossible to bounce back from afflicting circumstances on our own. Instinctively I learned that you must always help those in need, and they will eventually learn to walk under their own two feet again. Lending a hand in order to guide them in the right direction is vital on the road to improvement. We can show each other the path, but it is ourselves who must endure it. Our satisfying ending is watching the people we help sail into the sunset on unbroken seas after surviving the worst of monsoons.


My journey is six years past, and it has unarguably been the greatest era of my life. Only months after my turning point, I started seeing the woman who is now my wife. My relationships all around me began to improve dramatically. I have never been so grateful for all my blessings as I am now. When it comes to myself though, I am still ensuring that I will not become the status quo. To this very moment, I am still striving to grow. The key is not changing, but persisting after we change. No matter how tight our emotions are strung, we should never give in. Like any good story, resolution will be found in the most unexpected way, as long as we don’t lose hope.

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