Im a sucker for anything outer-space related. Whether its about time-space, asteroids, or future homes to mankind, it’s gravity pulls my attention and I start to orbit around it. Most recently, I was watching a show on The Science Channel that was about a hot new space-topic: Mining the moon. Intuitively, I didn’t feel as if this was a good idea. I’m no expert though, so I continued to watch. Then I saw something that disgusted me. As soon as these words reached my ears, immediate nausea engulfed my body. “We are not going to the moon because it’s easy, but because it is profitable.” What was almost as bad as the quote was the roaring applause that followed. Profit, money and greed are fueling the modern space race. To my knowledge, when profit is the main goal, nature is the one who pays the real price. What happened to the admirable explorers of the human race? The ones who wished to see something just because it is unseen by human eyes. When did human greed overcome human curiosity? For a moment, I felt ashamed of my species. In the not too distant future, I see us looking up at the dark night sky seeing only a skeleton of what used to be the bright vibrant moon. I see the richest of men searching for more ways to pillage and dismantle our solar system for their own benefit. Space is meant to be an arena of discovery, not an avenue for profit.

I will admit that I can understand why mining the moon is beneficial to humankind (and not their wallets). The “fuel” they will be mining for is called Helium3. Here is a very informative article about the potential benefits of Helium3. Apparently, about one cargo’s load of the stuff could power the entire Earth for a year. Now if I had an option of using Earth’s fossil fuels or the Moon’s, I would of course say “neither” and promote natural energies (wind, solar, etc.). Unfortunately, our world’s leaders are driven by the dollar sign, and my option isn’t profitable enough. For the sake of argument, I’d prefer that we mine the Moon rather than our own precious home. It means no more burning fossil fuels that harm our atmosphere and environment. No more drilling and spilling in our oceans. No more fracking. These are the types of pitches that would turn me on to mining the moon. The person with that mindset will earn my enthusiastic applause.


Just for fun:
There is an episode of Doctor Who named “Kill the Moon” and a movie called “Moon” starring Sam Rockwell. They don’t play on the actual science of mining the moon, but they are both thought-provoking and entertaining. I highly suggest it if you’re feeling lunar.


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